• Improved the accuracy of various structures, most notably dungeons, trail ruins, jungle/desert temples and desert wells. Also improved the detail of terrain rendering, which will now adapt the colors to match land/underwater terrain. Click here for a comparison.
  • Updated Bedrock trial chambers to beta
  • Updated java trial chambers to latest snapshot
  • Chunk Base now supports underground lava pools! Enable them on
  • Updated Bedrock trial chambers for Java parity in
  • When clicking on an icon, you can now mark it as complete and copy the /tp command to the clipboard. Note that the completion data is only stored locally on your device for now.
  • Trial chambers are now available for Bedrock, too!
  • Added Java 1.21 experimental with trial chambers on Good luck!
  • Some UI updates for a change: Double click/tap to make the map bigger, "R" key to randomize the seed
  • Added a new cheese cave size (huge) which is also marked with a star icon on the map. As always, combine with underground biomes to find lush or dripstone variants! Thanks to Jereaux for the suggestion and help :)
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