• Updated Bedrock trial chambers for Java parity in
  • When clicking on an icon, you can now mark it as complete and copy the /tp command to the clipboard. Note that the completion data is only stored locally on your device for now.
  • Trial chambers are now available for Bedrock, too!
  • Added Java 1.21 experimental with trial chambers on Good luck!
  • Some UI updates for a change: Double click/tap to make the map bigger, "R" key to randomize the seed
  • Added a new cheese cave size (huge) which is also marked with a star icon on the map. As always, combine with underground biomes to find lush or dripstone variants! Thanks to Jereaux for the suggestion and help :)
  • Just changed the commenting system. This should help with performance, privacy and get rid of the malicious ad redirects some of you have run into. Couldn't migrate all data though (users, likes, reactions)
  • Just made 1.20 the default version on Chunk Base in preparation of tomorrows release. No changes compared to Beta support. Have fun!
  • You can now find trail ruins on
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