Automatic Sugar Cane Farm

Published: (MC 1.4.7)

Warning! This page hasn't been updated in a while and is likely outdated for newer versions of Minecraft.

This video shows you how to build an easily extendable, fully automatic and mob-free Sugar Cane farm.

The number of items/hr depends on how big you build it. One row (8 Pistons, 8 Sugar Cane) yields about 20 items/hr. The farm I show here is intentionally bigger than anyone could make use of, but demonstrates how you can scale it.

Update: Clock

Unfortunately, the Minecart clock doesn't work anymore. You have to use a different clock instead. There are several options, like a 5-minute dispenser clock or a bulky redstone repeater clock. Another possibility is to use sugar cane itself: using a block update detector (BUD), you can detect the growth of a sugar cane plant. Since the growing time is random, you may want to use several sugar cane plants to avoid long periods without a harvest. Here's an example:

Several clocks
Several clock modules chained together
Close-Up 1
Close-up view #1 of one module

Close Up 2
Close-up view #2 of one module
Wiring used for the on/off switch and manual harvest

Take a look at the world you can download below to see the exact placement.

The lime wool blocks are part of FallofWar's BUD Design. The repeater is set to full delay. Each module consist of one of these BUDs, as well as two sugar cane plants and two crushing pistons. If either sugar cane plant grows, the BUD will turn the pistons on and destroy the newly grown sugar cane block, while also sending a signal to the sugar cane farm. You can build as many or as few of those modules as you want and chain them together. The more you have, the more harvests will occur on average.

World Downloads

  • New Clock: Download
  • Old Clock: Download (only works in old Minecraft versions)

Mods/Tools used